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How to remotely control Apple Music on your iOS devices.

This article will explain how to remotely control your Apple Music library playing on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch from another iOS device wirelessly.

First you need to download Tango Remote from the App Store. Install Tango Remote on the device that is playing the music and also on a second device that will serve as the remote control. When Tango Remote starts select either Media Player or Remote Control depending which device will be playing music or the remote control.

Tango Remote can use either bluetooth or Wi-Fi for communicating between the devices. Tango can also use Wi-Fi when a router is not available. This option is only available on iOS devices that have the small lightning cables not the larger 30 pin charging cables. NOTE: If you require a bluetooth connection and are running iOS 11 or higher you will need to turn off Wi-Fi on your iOS 11 devices running Tango Remote. Do not turn Wi-Fi off via the iOS control panel as this does not turn Wi-Fi off, you must disable Wi-Fi in the iOS settings app.

Once both devices are running Tango the remote device will find the media player and display the devices name. Simply select the device and you are now wirelessly controlling your Apple Music library. With Tango Remote you can select playlists, songs, artists, albums and more. The music in your media player’s music library can be controlled remotely via the remote device.

Remotely Control songs from the Apple Music subscription service.

Once you have followed the steps above you are now ready to search and remotely play the songs available via Apple Music.

If you want to play Apple Music tracks the songs must first be added to the Library. If you have already done this then Tango Remote will find these songs and you can immediately play them using Tango Remote.

What if I want to play a song that is not in the Library? There are two ways to do this, however you still must add these songs to the Library first.

The preferred method is to have Apple Music enabled on both devices. With Apple Music on both devices you can add Apple Music songs and playlists from either device. You will need to upgrade to the Apple Family Sharing Plan for this. If you do not have the Family Sharing plan you will need to add the songs manually on the media device and will not be able to from the remote control device. (We’re working on this!)

On the remote control device (If you have Family Sharing) or the media player device go to iOS Settings-Music and turn ON Apple Music and iCloud Music Library. You must also enable “Add Playlist Songs”. This will automatically add songs added to a playlist to your library. You should also enable “Automatic Downloads” . This will automatically download the songs to your device when you add them to your library which will allow for offline playback.

For more details on adding Apple Music to your library please read this.

Once the songs are in your library you can sit back and enjoy the music!

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Audio Features

  • Remotely Control your iPod music library – Play music on your iOS device and use another device to control playback. You can pause, play, skip forward or backward,  scrub, and control the volume from the remote device.
  • Up Next List:  Add new tracks to the list of songs waiting to be played, move songs around, play songs immediately, and much more.
  • Gapless Albums – Play your Gapless Albums the way they were intended.
  • Remotely Control iTunes Radio – Although you cannot change the station you can control play, pause, volume and skip songs up to the 6 per hour limit.
  • Remotely Control Volume for any audio app – Pandora, Spotify, Rdio, or other audio stream’s volume can be controlled remotely.
  • Plays all your audio – Audiobooks, podcasts, music video audio, and iTunes Audio are supported.
  • Advanced Search – Search your media library for your favorite artist, track, album, or genre.
  • Create a playlist remotely – Need a new playlist? With Tango Remote you can remotely create a new playlist. This playlist is unique to Tango Remote and is not part of your iTunes library.
  • Chain your playlists together – Your music won’t stop playing after the playlist ends. You can customize Tango to play selected playlists in sequence.
  • iTunes Match support – Plays all tracks including those not downloaded to your device.
  • Misc options – Pause after each song, hide tracks not downloaded, shake to play next song.


Video Features

  • Remotely Control iTunes and camera roll videos – Play your iTunes and camera roll videos on your device and use another device to control playback. You can pause, play, skip forward or backward,  scrub, and control the volume from the remote device. Note: you must remove the DRM copy protection from most iTunes movies and TV shows using a 3rd party app like tune4mac or tune4win. In addition streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime are not supported.
  • Plays multiple video types – Music Videos, Video Podcasts,  non DRM movies and TV Shows, camera roll videos, and iTunes Video are supported. You can also download any MP4 or MOV format videos using iTunes File Sharing.
  • HDTV out When you connect your iPhone or iPad to an external TV using an Apple video adapter cable, the video will automatically be switched from the device to the TV.
  • iTunes Match support  Plays all your iTunes Match Music Videos that have been downloaded to your device.
  • Misc options  Pause after each video, hide videos not downloaded, rewind 30 seconds, resume video from last position, video scrubbing, and more.


Misc Features

Tango Remote has some great features to enhance your remote control experience. In addition to the many audio and video features, we’ve designed Tango Remote for optimal performance, reliability, and ease of use.

  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity Tango Remote automatically detects the best connection method when communicating with the remote device. When using bluetooth there is no need to pair the devices. Tango Remote uses it’s own protocol to discover remote devices.
  • Automatic device discovery and reconnect No need to enter complicated IP addresses. Tango Remote automatically discovers your remote devices. Additionally once you select a remote device for remote control, Tango Remote will automatically reconnect to it quickly next time you need to remote control.
  • Device Compatibility Control your iPad with your iPhone, your iPhone with your iPod Touch, or any other combination. Tango Remote can be used by all your devices. Additionally Tango Remote is backwards compatible with older devices running earlier versions of iOS and Tango Remote.
  • International – Tango Remote has been translated into 15 languages: French, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Purtuguese, Italian, German, Danish, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Polish, and Norwegian.
  • iOS auto-lock override iOS loves to terminate apps when they go to the background.  However Tango Remote has an option to disable the iOS auto-lock feature. This ensures that Tango Remote will continue to run even when your remote device is left unattended. Just make sure Tango Remote is in the foreground or if you must move Tango Remote to the background just make sure music continues to play and Tango Remote will not get terminated by iOS.
  • Security Optional password protection prevents unwanted access to your remote device via other devices using Tango Remote.
  • Automobile USB Support Many automobiles take over the media playback when plugged into the automobile’s music system via USB. By enabling our “Alternate Audio Player” option Tango Remote retains full control of your music while playing through your automobiles music system.
  • Automatic sync with iPod library Whenever your media on your device changes due to syncing with iTunes, downloading new tunes via iTunes Match, or purchasing new music via iTunes Tango Remote automatically detects the changes. The new music is instantly available for your listening pleasure.
  • Performance Connections to remote devices are fast and reliable. Song information and album artwork are cached on the remote control device for speedy operation.
  • Support Our tech support department is here to help. We will respond to all support requests as quickly as possible and usually within 24 hours. Email us at



App Store Reviews

★★★★★ Fantastic App “Have our iPad hooked up to our Rotel amp and are able to control our music from almost anywhere in the house!” Canada

★★★★★ Hace Exactamente lo que dice… “Ideal para controlar un iPod o iPad desde un iPhone… Yo lo utilizo para controlar un iPod que esta en su dock, desde cualquier lado con mi iPhone. Lo único que faltaría seria un player para OS X y seria lo máximo !” Argentina

★★★★★ Amazing “This app is an AMAZING & INNOVATIVE way to browse and control all of the media stored on any of your other iDevices! I use my iPad as my car’s Media Player and my iPhone as he Remote Control. This app makes them both a match made in Heaven! … ” USA

★★★★★ Great Customer Service Best customer service experience ever on the App Store. Prompt, fast and courteous even throughout the weekend.!!” USA

★★★★★ Exactly what I was looking for After countless research I finally decided to give this a try. It does exactly what it says it will. I have complete access to my iPad 2 ‘s music library from my iPhone 4s. I can control my iPad (which is hooked up to my outside stereo) from anywhere in my yard…. Even with a weak wifi signal.!!” USA

★★★★★ A one word review “Wow!!” Australia

★★★★★ Works perfectly “My iPad is connected to my sound system… in the other room. Thanks to this app, I can control over wifi the volume of the web radio I am listening to. I’ve been looking for this for a very long time, it’s great and, once you get used to some subtleties, works perfectly.
Kudos guys, your app is awesome!” USA

★★★★★ Outstanding app! “I thought “someone should make an app that does this.” Then I looked and there it was! Tango. Works exactly like was thinking it should. Best app on my phone (and iPad).” USA

★★★★★ 5-Star “It is a great application, really very useful, works in a WiFi or Bluetooth and easily is not disconnected. You’re new update is the best…” Mexico

★★★★★ Must Have!! “This app is perfect if you are at a party and want to dj it also!!! Great for home use too!”  USA

★★★★★ Fantastic App!! “I can now control my iPhone from my iPad to play music. Brilliant!”  UK

★★★★★ Perfect! “The remote control that I wanted. Videos and music perfectly.”  Germany

★★★★★ Super “What I was searching for! Works great!”

★★★★ Tango Remote “Okay. This is a great app! Works perfectly! I bought it thinking there may have been a slim chance that I could have used it to control iTube but no such luck. I must commend the developers on their hard work though because it works insanely well. – overall 4 stars – because it fills its purpose but wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. P.s it would be great if you could add more support for iTube and other such apps.” New Zealand

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Support FAQ

If you are using iOS 11 and trying to connect via bluetooth you must disable wi-fi in iOS->Settings->Wi-fi on both devices.  Do not use the iOS control panel as this does not disable wi-fi.

How do I use Tango Remote?

  • Download Tango Remote on two or more iOS devices.
  • Enable either wi-fi or bluetooth on the devices.
  • Start Tango and select “Music Player” on the device with your music.
  • Start Tango on another device and select “Remote Control”. Select the remote device from the list and Tango will connect to it. You are now controlling the remote “Music Player” device.
  • Tango can automatically startup in either mode. Go to More > Settings to change the default startup action.
  • View a YouTube demo for more details.

Tango can’t locate the media player via wi-fi.

  • Are you starting one device as the media player and the other as the remote?
  • Make sure the devices have the latest version of iOS installed and the latest version of Tango Remote.
  • Power cycle the devices and your router.
  • Go to Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network on the devices and try again.
  • Turn off wi-fi, then turn on bluetooth on the devices. If that works, turn on wi-fi and try again.

Why does Tango occasionally skip songs while using iTunes Match?

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection.  If iTunes Match can’t download the current song it will  skip to the next song.
  • Make sure you have enough free storage on your device.  iTunes Match can sometimes use all your available storage.
  • Power cycle your device to restore storage and reset  iTunes Match.

How do I search my music library?

  • The search window is at the top of each page of songs, playlists, artists, albums or genres. Either scroll to the top of the page or touch the top status bar to reveal the search window.

How do I switch between Media Player and Remote Control operation?

  • First you must stop Tango from running. Press the home key once to move Tango to the background and then press the home key twice.
  • Locate the Tango screen and slide up to exit Tango. Restart Tango.

Wi-fi and bluetooth work great most of the time. Why do I occasionally have connection problems?

  • You may be out of range of the wi-fi router or bluetooth signal. Try moving closer to either the wi-fi router or other Tango device (if using bluetooth).
  • Bluetooth may be causing interference with wi-fi. Disable bluetooth on both devices and try connecting again. Read this article using Safari for more details.
  • Many public wi-fi networks prevent peer-to-peer connections. Turn wi-fi off on your device, then connect via bluetooth instead.
  • The original iPad has some well known wi-fi connection problems that have been fixed in the iPad 3.2.1 release.
  • If you have multiple wi-fi routers in your house they may be configured improperly for peer-to-peer connections. For help with this contact us at

Why can’t I control the volume when I use the line-out feature of my docking station?

  • This is a hardware limitation. When your device is in a docking station Tango can only control the volume if you use the headphone jack instead of the line-out connector.
  • The Apple Universal Dock does not have this restriction.

Why does Tango sometimes skip to the next song before it’s finished?

  • Make sure the “Shake to play next song” setting is turned off.
  • You need to manually sync Tango with the iPod Library via the Settings page.

The connection speed is great most of the time. Occasionally it slows down. How can I fix this?

  • Bluetooth may be causing interference with wi-fi. Disable bluetooth on both devices and try connecting again.
  • Your device may be running low on system memory. Power down the device and try again.

How do I download Tango Remote on devices without iOS5 or higher?

  • First you will need to purchase Tango Remote on a device with iOS5 or higher (if you’ve never purchased it). Next go to the iOS4 device and purchase Tango Remote using the same Apple ID. Select “Latest Compatible Version” when prompted.
  • Apple states you need iOS 4.3.3 or later but we’ve been able to use iOS 4.2.1, which is the last version for the 2nd generation iPod Touch and iPhone.
  • iOS3 devices can no longer download Tango Remote. If you have an older version of Tango Remote installed on an iOS3 device it is compatible with the current version.
  • Here is Apple’s official page on this subject:

Why do applications quit unexpectedly?

  • The most common cause is your device is running low on system memory. You need to power down your device by holding the sleep/wake button down for 4 seconds, then slide to power off.
  • If this continues to happen, sync your device with iTunes. This will automatically capture the log files and Apple will forward these to the developer for review.

I still have a question. How can I contact support?

  • You can send an email to We’ll respond as quickly as possible, usually in less than 24 hours.


Video FAQ

How do I use File Sharing?

  • File Sharing allows you to copy videos that Tango Remote can play and control.
  • Please refer to this link from Apple for details:
  • Tango Remote can only play movies in the MP4 or MOV formats.  You can convert any video using 3rd party software like tune4mac or tune4win.

Why don’t my iTunes movies and TV Shows play?

  • While Tango can play many types of videos there are some types that can’t be played unless you remove the copy protection that Apple has added. Apple prevents Apps from playing most movies and TV Shows that were purchased or rented via iTunes by adding a layer of encryption to prevent copying the videos. However you can legally remove this protection using a 3rd party app on your PC or MAC. We use tune4mac and tune4win which work great. There are also free apps that do this. Just search for “remove drm from iTunes videos”.
  • Your music videos, podcasts, iTunes U videos, as well as your Camera Roll Videos will play without needing to remove the protection.

Sometimes my screen is blank when playing videos.

  • You may have a low-memory problem. Power off your device and try again.


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